SmartSecure showcased at permanent centre

Carl F Groupco’s SmartSecure range is now on display at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre (NSBRC) in Swindon.  As a result, visitors to the UK’s only permanent venue designed to support the self-build, renovation and home improvement markets can experience SmartSecure’s advanced electronic door locking and smart access control capabilities first hand.


With three full size exhibition houses, as well as educational areas, the NSBRC has been identified by Carl F Groupco as the ideal forum to showcase the advanced technology and sophisticated access control offered by the SmartSecure range.

Carl F Groupco’s SmartSecure advanced electronic door locking and smart access control range is now on show at the NSBRC

Carl F Groupco’s SmartSecure advanced electronic door locking and smart access control range is now on show at the NSBRC

Investment by Carl F Groupco in a SmartSecure stand at the NSBRC supports demand for high end domestic doors within the self-build and renovation market. Commenting Carl F Groupco’s Marketing Manager Clare Crockett said:


“The smart home sector is fast growing and displaying the SmartSecure range at the NSBRC will enable us to build awareness at the early stages of project planning, this will ensure timely consideration of the technology for self-build and refurbishment projects.”


With over 200 stands, free entry and six day a week opening from Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 – 17:30, plus an easily accessible location, the NSBRC is ideally placed to inspire and advise visitors.  A comprehensive range of displays of essential products and services, including SmartSecure from Carl F Groupco, support the NSBRC’s educational objectives.


For more details on the FUHR multitronic 881 lock, please click here.

Or you can visit our dedicated SmartSecure website for detailed information on the whole range.


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Carl F Groupco celebrates long-serving staff

As a company that puts people at the heart of its distribution service, hardware supplier Carl F Groupco is proud to announce a number of long-server achievements. Warehouse Operative Lee Davy has worked for over thirty years for the company and both Technical Manager John Mitchell and IT Manager Steve Lamb have been employed for over a decade. In September this year, Regional Sales Manager Matt Brown joins the long-servers when he also marks ten years with the company.

At the heart of the company’s operation in an essential warehouse role, Lee Davy – with three decades of service – is a dedicated member of Carl F Groupco‘s distribution facility supporting the organisation’s On Time In Full (OTIF) delivery principles.

Carl F Groupco staff mark long service achievements: From left John Mitchell, Matt Brown and Steve Lamb. Foreground – Lee Davy.

Carl F Groupco staff mark long service achievements:
From left John Mitchell, Matt Brown and Steve Lamb. Foreground – Lee Davy.

John Mitchell is celebrating 10 years’ service; he joined Carl F Groupco in January 2006. With a track record totalling over thirty years industry experience from fabrication to hardware design, John’s skills include extensive knowledge and passion for customer support. John was promoted to the position of Technical Manager in 2015.

Since 2006, IT Manager Steve Lamb has provided essential systems support. Steve has played a key role in significant process advancements including the introduction of the company’s CRM and MRP systems to enable the company to continue to grow and maintain stringent service levels.

Matt Brown is another experienced and highly skilled employee: Matt has a background of almost 20 years’ working in the window and door hardware sector. His skills include product knowledge, excellent customer relations and going the extra mile to exceed expectations.

Commenting on the importance of the company’s workforce, Managing Director John Crittenden said:

“Our staff are absolutely essential in ensuring that we maintain our service levels – they provide all important support and offer a human face for hardware. Their dedication is second to none and this really helps to differentiate our offer.

“The long service achievements of Lee, John, Steve and Matt contribute to a total of eighteen people in our forty strong workforce achieving their ten year anniversary. Each and every person in our organisation plays a crucial role in ensuring that we fulfil our customer promise and maintain our service levels – the fact we have so many people with lengthy employment histories with us plays a significant part in maintaining our high standards.”

Carl F Groupco’s impressive staff service statistics include one of its employees achieving an impressive 35 years with the organisation.


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Carl F Groupco customers benefit from Ingenious enhancements

Advancements to Ingenious door locks set to benefit Carl F Groupco customers are highlighted by the hardware supplier. The established distributor of window and door fittings added Ingenious products to its catalogue in 2015 and enhancements have been made to both the Professional and Duplex multipoint door lock ranges.


Advancements to Ingenious door locks are highlighted by Carl F Groupco.

Advancements to Ingenious door locks are highlighted by Carl F Groupco.

Taking a proactive approach to respond to market feedback and fabricator needs, and with continuous investment in R&D, latest Ingenious developments which are spotlighted by Carl F Groupco include additional rollers added to the Professional and Duplex door locks for further compression. Depending on fabricator preference, the Ingenious door lock ranges are now available with either 2 or 4 rollers in addition to high security hook locking. In line with Ingenious’ focus on providing easy-to-install solutions, Carl F Groupco advises that there are no preparatory changes required for any pre-existing users of the door lock when upgrading to the 4 roller version.

A second development is the introduction of a 13mm axis one-piece keep, which is fully capable of achieving PAS 24 with no additional security plates resulting in improved security, enhanced aesthetics and reduced overall costs. Additional fixing holes on the keep also aid secure fixing to walls. Keeps are supplied with cover caps as standard.

Carl F Groupco reports that Ingenious products have been an important addition to its portfolio due to their combination of innovative engineering and value for money. The Ingenious Professional and Duplex have both been successfully tested to PAS 24 and Secured by Design requirements, carry the Secured By Design logo to help provide peace of mind to the home owner and are covered by a 10 year ‘Fit and Forget’ guarantee.


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Hardware Smartens Up

Key components of SmartSecure provide a straightforward, sophisticated door locking solution.

Key components of SmartSecure provide a straightforward, sophisticated door locking solution.

Carl F Groupco’s SmartSecure electronic door locking and smart access control brand captured the market’s attention at the FIT Show. Offering state-of-the-art technology, energy conservation advantages and comprehensive security features, the company’s on-stand demonstrations gave visitors the chance to sample the solution, which is compatible with virtually any access control. As a result, it has become a hot topic for hardware.


The traditional key is replaced by a radio key fob that is used to operate up to four different entrances such as front door, back door, garage door, and driveway entrance. ‘SmartConnect easy’, which allows convenient door opening and monitoring using a smart device, was a particularly popular attraction at the FIT Show. ‘SmartTouch comfort’ is also available which operates simply by touching a sensor when holding an active transponder. A radio fingerprint scanner, keypad and transponder are other available options.

Incorporated into the SmartSecure offering is the FUHR multitronic 881 fully motorised lock that has been continuously developed by its German manufacturer over its ten year history: unique patented features such as wireless power transfer between sash and frame to prevent cable damage and a dual motor for powered locking and unlocking sets this product apart from competitors.

In this report, Phil Rice – Carl F Groupco’s Business Development Manager for SmartSecure provides the answers that confirm that smart door locking and access control is not a flash in the pan for the fittings industry, it is a highly capable technology with wide ranging advantages which can easily be adopted to suit any door style.


Phil Rice, Business Development Manager for SmartSecure.

Phil Rice, Business Development Manager for SmartSecure.

Q: Is the access control technology proven?

A: Yes the rolling code radio technology that is central to SmartSecure has long been adopted by car manufacturers and WLAN ‘Smart’ technology, that has been used in homes for many years, is a tried and tested solution.

Q: Are the door lock and access control components complicated to install?

A: The solution provided by SmartSecure is easy to install and comprehensive assistance is available throughout the process. The lock requires just four additional routings compared to a standard multipoint lock, this allows the transformer and cabling to be fully concealed into the frame. If any assistance is needed, we are on hand to support – as with all our hardware products, comprehensive service and technical assistance is readily available.

 Q: What if the power glitches?

A: The lock is designed to be fail secure from the outside and fail safe from the inside. In the event of a power failure you can always get into the building with a mechanical key and always leave safely using a lever handle – this provides the best of both worlds.

Q: What if I lose my fob?

A: The control unit on the 881 can be reset. Lost fobs will no longer work and replacement fobs can be programmed onto the control unit. This is a major advancement over the traditional key.

 Q: How difficult is it to set up biometric recognition and is it very time consuming to do this?

A: It is not difficult at all to set this up, despite the advanced nature of the solution it is a simple process. We provide installation manuals for all SmartSecure’s access control solutions backed by technical support if required. A family of four people can be programmed into the scanner within around just 5 – 10 minutes.

 Q: What if I forgot my code?

A: You will always be able to get into your home with your mechanical override key and, once you are in, you can re-program the keypad to a new code.

Q: Does ‘SmartConnect easy’ have access rights?

A: With SmartConnect easy you can manage multiple users and allocate specific times that they can enter. The system also logs an audit trail to report on who accesses the property at what time.

Q: Can I integrate intercom systems?

A: Yes, multiple third party products can be integrated into the 881 SmartSecure solution. For example, Intercoms, fire alarms systems and door operators, as well as other products, can be plugged directly into the control unit and work with the lock. Not only that, you can also integrate other access control solutions to operate the door lock – we haven’t found one yet that isn’t compatible.


SmartSecure is a sophisticated, well researched new generation door locking and access control solution – if readers have any further questions, they can contact Carl F Groupco directly who will be happy to provide the answers.


For more details on the FUHR multitronic 881 lock, please click here.