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The launch of a new brand by Carl F Groupco is reported as the company’s most significant development in the company’s 50+ year history. Designed to support emerging Smart Access Control applications, SmartSecure is a new division for the hardware supplier that focusses on motorised multipoint locking for all applications. In a move that will position the company at the forefront of new generation home automation technology, SmartSecure offers Carl F Groupco’s trademark partnership service and comprehensive technical support.

Carlia Corras, Carl F Groupco Sales Office Manager pictured with the FUHR multitronic 881.

Carlia Corras, Carl F Groupco Sales Office Manager pictured with the FUHR multitronic 881.

At the heart of the new SmartSecure brand is the FUHR multitronic 881. Backed by the German lock manufacturer’s advanced R&D, the locking solution offers the assurance of an established product with the appeal of cutting-edge technology.

When asked why Carl F Groupco had chosen this moment in time to invest heavily in establishing the SmartSecure brand, Managing Director John Crittenden said:

“Based on our long-standing partnership with FUHR we have offered the 881 for over a decade. As the market moves towards smart home technology, we are extending our support for the locking solution. To clarify, we aren’t trying to create a FUHR smart home; we are offering an advanced locking system that is compatible with the range of smart technology.

Some significant household brands are investing heavily in mass media consumer campaigns and this is driving market interest in home automation. While locks are not a particularly visible part of the smart message, they play a very important role and we have chosen this point in time to invest further in this sector to ensure we are part of the market from the outset.

If we draw parallels with the automation industry, the smart car has become the standard – if you buy a new vehicle today you expect a smart key but the “Key-less Go” brand was only introduced to the car market in 1998. Our confidence in the uptake of new locking technology is reinforced by the fact that the 881 is already well established in the European market, particularly in Germany where home owners have long recognised its value in terms of protection, aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology.

An exciting new era

We are living in a technological age and locking solutions have their part to play. It is a significant opportunity and we are seizing the moment because we have a strong track record with FUHR and we are a technology led, service focussed supplier organisation. As such, we are taking smart locking forward to drive the UK market which will put our customers in the strongest position to be at the leading edge of this exciting new era of automation.

While regulatory demands aren’t at the heart of the timing of the launch of the new SmartSecure brand, the EcoHomes environmental rating scheme has put new build developers under pressure to create energy efficient homes and the environmental message is one of the benefits of the FUHR 881.

At the moment you can count the number of smart locks on the market on one hand and we are on the cusp of something very big. The market has huge potential and our expertise, experience and brand values place us in a very strong position. Support has always been at the core of our offer and, as a technical solution, this will be imperative for this sector – to provide comprehensive service we have established a separate division and all our staff will be fully trained in the technology. Partnerships are also central to our customer relationship philosophy and these are critical for smart locking as a number of platforms need to integrate and communicate effectively.

It is not possible to over play our commitment to SmartSecure…the investment is significant: this is so much more than a brochure and a web presence; it is a fully supported brand. The smart home evolution offers probably the biggest potential for expansion in our industry – the time is ripe to take this opportunity and, with the backing of FUHR, we are well placed to be one of the pioneering companies.”

The all-inclusive SmartSecure multitronic 881 kit includes harmonised lock, patented twin motorised drive mechanism, concealed transformer, wireless power transfer between frame and sash and full range of accessory components. Pre-assembled plug-in connectors ensure easy mounting. Optional radio access control systems include SmartConnect easy, which offers a major differentiating USP, for convenient door opening using a smartphone; SmartTouch comfort access system for keyless access; radio fingerprint scanner for keyless biometric control; radio keypad – a keyless access control system and radio transponder reader.


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West Port selects Carl F Groupco for Ingenious order

The latest development in Carl F Groupco’s long-standing partnership with West Port is the supply of the innovative Ingenious locking solutions.

Carl F Groupco’s supplier partnership with West Port continues with an order for Ingenious locking products.

Carl F Groupco’s supplier partnership with West Port continues with an order for Ingenious locking products.

With a strong reputation for high performance, bespoke timber windows and doors West Port is extremely selective when it comes to supplier relationships. Carl F Groupco has met the company’s exacting requirements with staff continuing to impress with their knowledge, helpfulness and willingness to support.

Commenting, Sean Parnaby, West Port’s Managing Director said:

“Carl F Groupco goes the extra mile helping us to select the correct ironmongery for each of our timber products. They have been more than willing to come to our factory with product samples and have taken the time to sit with us to ensure that they fully understand our needs.

“As one of the leading timber companies in the UK, we supply sites with large volume orders. With Carl F Groupco’s assistance, we fulfil these contracts on time and in full. We have also catered for complex, specialist jobs with their support.”


Carl F Groupco is delighted to receive the endorsement from West Port which confirms the company is delivering on its brand values. The latest order for Ingenious products confirms the market appeal of the new locking solutions.

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