Carl F Groupco service attracts new Sales Director

Paul Simpson has been appointed Sales Director of Carl F Groupco. Key attractions of the role reported by Paul include

Carl F Groupco’s market leading position, professionalism and total commitment to service.

In his previous post as Sales Director for Birchwood Price Tools (BPT), part of the Travis Perkins group, Paul developed a number of major brands including Scruffs, Defender and Rhino: while leading a successful team, turnover during his 18 years employment with BPT increased from £3m to £50m.

Paul will be active in working with the sales team to support the company’s ambitious plans for continued growth and market development. Commenting on his move to Carl F Groupco, Paul Simpson said:

“The commitment to service at Carl F Groupco is nothing short of phenomenal: the whole company is engaged, each and every member of staff pulls out all the stops to supply full delivery orders placed before 4pm next day. I can honestly say that I have never witnessed this passion for performance from a supplier organisation.

“There is no complacency at Carl F Groupco – service values are at the heart of the organisation and these have been a significant contributor to the company becoming a major player in the UK hardware industry.

“The sales team is a significant asset to the organisation – with six members of staff in double digit years of service, product knowledge is extensive but enthusiasm hasn’t waned. Like the rest of the company, the sales team is highly responsive – they go the extra mile providing guidance and support to customers.”

At Carl F Groupco, Paul heads a sales team of 14 people including field personnel, internal sales and Product Managers. Activities encompass Carl F Groupco’s hardware sales and Carl F direct, the organisation’s specialist tools and accessories division.

Paul Simpson - Carl F Groupco Sales Director Low Res

Carl F Groupco’s Frog Racing Fund Raiser

The charitable staff at Carl F Groupco entered the world Frog Racing championships to raise funds for MacMillan Cancer Support. With the entire workforce of the company’s Cambridgeshire distribution centre cheering them on, a team of five people successfully eased an eight foot high plywood frog along a rope achieving semi-finalist status. Competing against 36 other teams, the event took place at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium.

The fittings firm said the competition was fierce and that it was ‘frog eat frog’ during the races. Having taken the leap to enter the event for the first time, Carl F Groupco had so much froggy fun that the hardware supplier is set to enter next year’s event with a boys versus girls challenge.

CFG Frog Racing B

CFG Frog Racing

Carl F Groupco gets smart with hardware

Back in 2008, Carl F Groupco was already ahead of the pack in their identification of the potential of keyless technology. At the time, sophisticated new generation locking solutions were already widely adopted in commercial applications:  the company was convinced of similar potential in the domestic market and, as a result, included the FUHR Multitronic 881 electromechanical door lock in its product portfolio.

Carl F Groupco observed that commercial premises were increasingly protected by some form of keyless access control on doors and entrances. Numeric keypads or chip controlled touch pads were among the most popular technology and biometric identification methods were making their mark including fingerprint readers or, in high security situations, iris detection.

The company saw access control as the technology of the future and has invested considerable research into this emerging market. Carl F Groupco predicts that over the next three to five years, consumers will come to demand this technology in their homes. A growing global interest in Smart Homes is reported and, aligned to this, is a burgeoning industry producing devices that can control the home environment via Smart Phones and tablet devices.

Commenting on Carl F Groupco’s commitment to the market and confidence in the growth of the sector, Marketing Manager, Clare Crockett said:

“We have established major growth potential across climate control, CCTV security, alarms and home entertainment. As these new technologies become part of the consumer lifestyle and Smart Home gadgets are increasingly adopted, we predict that it is only a matter of time before the transition into home security and domestic door locks takes effect.

“It is now second nature for drivers to trust electronic key fobs to secure their cars, we believe that the same trust is being given to home locking devices and that trend is only set to grow the more that we accept Smart technology into our daily routines.”

The FUHR Multitronic 881 electromechanical door lock offered by Carl F Groupco is a complete package including dual motor and concealed transformer to operate the locking mechanism including hooks, rollers, latch and deadbolt: it is proving highly popular with the UK market.

Clare Crockett adds:

“Any concerns that, with advanced technology comes complications of installation, have been addressed. We provide training to fabricators to ensure that their transition into electromechanical door looks is smooth and customers have been impressed by the fact that fitting the 881 is no more difficult than a standard door. As standard, this product is supplied with three remote key fobs but it can be readily adapted to be used with other access control devices, as required, by the end user.

“The 881 has always been a sure-fire leader in terms of functionality, offering more features to fabricators and end users than any other product on the market.

“For fabricators, unlike competitor products, FUHR’s Multitronic lock features an integral transformer which enables it to be fitted into a standard electrical socket or fuse spur without the services of an electrician – this simplifies the process for the consumer and reduces installation costs. Variants of the FUHR electronic door lock package are available with an external transformer:  in this case, a qualified electrician’s services would be required.

“The dual motor feature of the 881 ensures that all locking points, including deadbolts, are engaged when closing the door: a force of 400 Newtons is applied which makes engagement far more reliable than alternative products which rely on gravity. An optional panic function allows egress and entry is gained by using one of the 881’s many access control options including key fob, finger print recognition, key pad, intercom and motion sensor. As back up, access can always be made using a cylinder key, which provides a failsafe option in the event of power loss.

“We partner with pioneering companies that have ‘solid’ engineering technology at the heart of their solutions. FUHR is an excellent example of an organisation that invests heavily in R&D and a number of new technologies have already been identified that can be used with the Multitronic 881 electronic door lock including a Smart Phone app. Developed and launched in Germany, the app allows users to monitor their door locks using secure, encrypted signals to the home Wi-Fi hub, which can operate the door lock and allow third party access to the home when sanctioned.”

In conclusion, Carl F Groupco advises that the opportunities associated with Smart Home hardware is a hot topic and one that the industry, including fabricators, should embrace as the traditional lock and key is set to be challenged by new technology.

FUHR Finger Scanner