Air Worthy

Carl F Groupco’s John Mitchell, supported by the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB), steers a calm path through the somewhat complicated current status of ventilation regulations. Ventilation products have been a long-standing feature of Carl F Groupco’s product range and the hardware supplier is partnered with industry leading manufacturers.

As Carl F Groupco’s leading technical expert, John has over thirty years’ experience, which includes expertise in ventilation products. Carl F Groupco is also a member of CAB, which results in John and his colleagues benefitting from an expert advisory source.

Commenting on the status of the UK’s ventilation standards, John Mitchell says:

“The current situation regarding ventilation requirements relating to the installation and fabrication of windows and doors is something of a minefield. The complication comes from calculating ‘U’ values and Window Energy Ratings (WER). While testing by profile and glass manufacturers takes care of the “U” values and Window Energy Ratings, the calculation still needs to be done for ventilation.

Ventilation of domestic properties is based on the type of house and the square meterage of each room. Room function also needs to be taken into consideration and wet rooms, for example, have a different ventilation requirement to a bedroom.

Attendance of CAB Technical Committee meetings and conferences means we monitor industry developments and build relationships with people that can provide detailed answers regarding regulatory issues. By drawing on our internal resources, the skills of our manufacturing partners and external bodies such as CAB we are in a strong position to help answer our customers’ questions on the complexities of the standards and requirements of the window and door industry, including ventilation matters that are presenting some current challenges.

With the window industry becoming greener, we have taken on the mantel at Carl F Groupco of removing the burden of calculating one of the key requirements: ventilation. Over recent years, windows have tended to get narrower, making it difficult to achieve the required air flow for a property with trickle ventilation. This now can easily be avoided by means of mechanical ventilation.AEROPAC Acoustic Ventilator.

As part of our portfolio, we offer the AEROPAC manufactured by Siegenia – a wall mounted mechanical ventilation solution. With its energy efficiency and low running cost, the product supports the industry’s growing green ethos – it removes the need for trickle ventilation in windows and ensures that air is pushed around each room and floor level. Circulation of air also helps reduce dampness which assists in making the home a cleaner, healthier place to live.

Developed for domestic and commercial properties, the AEROPAC successfully combines sound insulation with fresh air for applications across the building, housing, education and fenestration industries. Sold with a five year warranty, an optional pollen filter helps to avoid allergic reactions and a fine dust filter is available to protect the respiratory system.”

Carl F Groupco supplies hardware throughout the UK with a national field sales team and distribution centres in Peterborough and Cumbernauld, Scotland.

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