New Horizons for Hardware

Behind every change in window and door design there is an evolution in fittings to support the latest trend. In this article for Glass News, established hardware supplier Carl F Groupco reports on the growing popularity of bi fold and patio products. An update on latest hardware solutions is provided from one of Carl F Groupco’s main suppliers, Siegenia.

The company highlights how full consideration to consumer’s needs and desires should be given and observes that options for patio openings are becoming increasingly important. Carl F Groupco also advises that it is necessary to look beyond standard options to offer end users creative, effective and empowering door solutions.

FS Portal PLUS
Important development requirements for hardware manufacturers have been to provide quality, flexible, secure and complete solutions. Ticking all these boxes is FS Portal PLUS, an enhanced bi fold door hardware system which replaces the FS Portal that has been popular for a number of years.

Carl F Groupco believes that bi fold doors are all about giving home owners flexibility regarding the configuration. Designed to cater for all bi fold options, and offering inward and outward opening options, FS Portal PLUS gives this flexibility, plus it meets the needs of aluminium, PVCu and timber profiles.

As well as catering for the home owners’ increasing desire for innovative door designs, the FS Portal PLUS system boasts a number of features that appeal to fabricators and installers. For example, the opening on the track is covered by an integrated brush seal along its complete length – not only does this keep the track free of dust and other debris, but the installation also looks neat and tidy. A further development to the enhanced range is the addition of a return leg on the top track to improve the top wheel stability.  Carl F Groupco reports that customers have successfully tested hardware components from the FS Portal range to Secured by Design specification.

HS Portal 300
Additional advancements are reported across patio products. Siegenia’s HS Portal 300 Lift and Slide hardware is an advanced product series which supports increased demand for high specification hardware. As with the FS Portal PLUS range, the HS hardware can be used with timber, PVCu and aluminium profiles. The range is designed for simple yet straightforward operation of sashes weighing up to 450 kg: the HS Portal innovation makes it possible to now open widths up to 12 – 19 metres. With an operational height rise of just 19mm, the system meets the DIN 18025 standard and thermal insulation significantly exceeds the EnEV Germany energy saving regulations.

In common with other Siegenia hardware initiatives, design simplicity is combined with sophistication – the HS Portal gearing enables the lift and slide door to be operated with just one finger. Additionally, wheels easily clear gaskets which avoid friction in the slide position, making opening and closing the door virtually effortless. An optional electronic opening device is a further design feature which aids easy operation.

Support and Service
Carl F Groupco prides itself on providing rapid service backed by technical support and this philosophy has been maintained for new generation hardware: drawing on its relationship with Siegenia, the company ensures that its staff are fully versed in the specification of all product ranges.

Strength in technical expertise across all hardware types, enables Carl F Groupco to work with its customers, providing the best solution for their individual project requirements.

For more information on the FS Portal PLUS range, click here

For more information on the HS Portal range, click here


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